Flaq FAQs

Why should I learn on Flaq?

Simple - Flaq is single source, i.e., we teach you basics of web3, cryptocurrencies, DAOs, NFTs and DeFi. It's high quality specially curated original af content made, keeping in mind web2 user perspective at every single stage! Trust us, we're the best. 😎

Do I have to pay to access the content?

No, all of our educative pieces are free of cost and at no point will you be asked to pay. Dw, we're free! 💯

On what platforms is Flaq available?

Flaq is available as a website, on iOS App Store, and Google Play Store. The social media platforms that Flaq is available on, are Twitter, Discord, Telegram, LinkedIn, and Instagram. (pretty much, everywhere right? 🚀)

How does Flaq cater to the visually impaired, partially sighted and those with learning disabilities?

Flaq has an accessibility focussed design with screen reader accessibility enabled, coupled with ed-piece specific voice overs! Let's make web3 accessible. 🤝

Do I get crypto for completing a quiz successfully?

Nope. But don't be disappointed! You get a specially curated completion NFT. 🍻

Can I reach out to the team in case of any content-related doubts for guidance?

Yes, you can reach out to us through our contact us page and we're here to guide you!

How can I join Flaq's DAO?

You either join as a contributor by completing one of our bounties successfully, or you join as a member by being active as a learner! see u soon. 😉

Which languages is Flaq available in?

which language do you want us to be available in? hmu, we're all about breaking the language barriers in web3. 🤙
Presently, Flaq is available in English and Hindi! 💪

Where is your headquarters located? 🌍

Like all things truly web3, we work entirely remotely! 💻

How can I update the Flaq app?🙋

Our inbuilt updates functionality feature will check for updates each time you open the app and auto-update! 🎉

s my data secure? 🔑

Firstly, we took v lil data and the v lil that we took, we pinky promise we will never share w a third party! 🤞Sounds too legal? flaq is the first party, you are the second party, and anybody else is the third party! your data is safe from 'em, dw. 😌