Flaq x Zokshpay

January 6th, 2023

Flaq x Zokshpay

Flaq has partnered with Zokshpay to help onboard more web2 users into web3!Web3 is rapidly revolutionizing the future and is here to stay.

Now more than ever, it is crucial to equip ourselves with the required knowledge and awareness about web3. This is precisely where our partnership comes into play!

What does the partnership look like?

Flaq and Zokshpay will be joining hands to create educational web3 content together! The main objective behind this partnership is to onboard as many web2 users into web3 because it’s never been a better time to gain the requisite knowledge regarding this emerging field with immense potential.

An indispensable part of web3 is undeniably payment transactions- While Flaq will be collaborating with Zoksh to curate easy-to-read web3 articles with a particular emphasis on payment transactions, Zoksh, with its brilliant web3 payment structure, makes the entire process almost seamless!

About Flaq

Flaq is a community-driven DAO, free of cost, and widely accessible multilingual educational platform for ALL things web3. If you’ve ever thought to yourself - what is cryptocurrency? What are digital wallets? what are NFTs? what’s Defi? etc., and so on and so forth - we have the answers for you. Flaq offers academic and practical learning both - through interactive simulations that let web2 folks ‘Testrun web3’.

Flaq’s ‘Testrun Web3’ interactive simulations portray every on-chain action on multiple chains, thereby ensuring that every web2 user can make themselves comfortable with web3, before leaping into it.

About Zoksh

Zoksh is a non-custodial web3 payment infrastructure layer that revolutionizes web3 payments by building a cost-effective, user-friendly, deployable payment system that is decentralized, open, and available to all.

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