Flaq x MetaWork

December 16th, 2022

Flaq x MetaWork

Flaq has partnered with MetaWork to bring web3 awareness and education to the masses, in the hope of mass adoption.

With web3 increasingly becoming a space that the web2 folks associate purely with cryptocurrencies or NFTs, it is extremely pertinent, now more than ever, to have the right kind of web3 awareness and education being imparted. This is where our partnership comes in.

Flaq and MetaWork, through their partnership, are focussed on increasing visibility for web3 awareness and education while advancing the cause of web2 to web3 onboarding, together. It is only when web3 has more users than devs, that we will see mass adoption coming through!

Flaq, is an educational platform that allows people to learn all things Web3 in a multilingual format — from cryptocurrencies and wallets to tips on web3 and NFTs, DeFi, and DAOs — while mastering Web3 with interactive simulations and step-by-step guides, making it easy for anyone to get up to speed with this exciting space. Flaq also conducts offline educational events to reach out to as many web2 folks as it can, in order to create a meaningful impact and eventually, onboard them into web3.

MetaWork is a communication & collaboration OS for web3. It aims to develop a new standard of messaging and notifications for teams, enterprises and DAOs.

What does the partnership look like?

Flaq will be offering its academic and practical learning content to CFJ’s community. CFJ’s community will get early access to Flaq’s ‘Testrun Web3’ interactive simulations that portray every on-chain action on multiple chains, thereby ensuring that every web2 user can make themselves comfortable with web3, before leaping into it.

Flaq and CFJ will also be conducting collaborating Twitter Spaces in order to further the cause of web3 awareness and education and to increase visibility of the partnership.

Throughout this partnership, both, CFJ and Flaq will constantly be supplementing each other’s roles in web3 awareness and education thereby finding newer avenues each day where their synergies align.

Folks from Flaq are very excited to be collaborating with CFJ and hopefully, together, we can take web3 awareness and education to new heights! Only onwards and upwards from here on.

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