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Multilingual Content

Learners have access to content in multiple languages including Hindi.


Web3 Test Runs

Dive into interactive test-net simulations that give you a test run of web3.


Curated Content

Structured and curated content keeping in mind needs of web2 folks.

Learn web3

Dive into web3
Learn about web3 in depth, from the ground up, with our guides
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NFTs: The basics sorted
Learn all you need to know about NFTs - the new revolution!
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All about DAOs
Learn everything about DAOs in an easy to understand manner
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Flaq Podcasts

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Flaq x Biconomy

Biconomy provides the underlying technology that enable users to transact seamlessly.

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changing the way you learn web3

Fundamentally changing the way you interact with the world of web3. We eliminate the noise and deliver quality content aimed at teaching you all things web3.

explore web3, NFTs, DeFi & DAOs, with us

Easiest guided web3 onramps - available in Hindi, and cater to the visually impaired + those with learning disabilities.

one stop solution to all things web3

Learn what every term in web3 lingo means with our very own, speciallly crafted, web3 dictionary.

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