Flaq x Superwomen DAO

December 14th, 2022

Flaq x Superwomen DAO

We are very excited to announce our collaboration with SuperwomenDAO - a women-focussed 6 month old investment DAO in the making.

With SuperwomenDAO’s 2 primary verticals being education and investment, the partnership with Flaq is aimed at supplementing the education vertical. Flaq has partnered with SuperwomenDAO to take web3 awareness and education to the masses.

SuperwomenDAO’s community encompasses women who are still transitioning into web3, and through Flaq’s initiative of smooth onboarding from web2 to web3, together, we hope to onboard more and more women in web3.

What’s next for the partnership?

Flaq x SuperwomenDAO will be starting a Learn Web3 EduSeries across 3 primary social media platforms - Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. This will involve 2 threads every Monday and Thursday, every week - that will summarize a web3 based topic for you.

We’ll make sure that there is a link between one thread to another and at no point are you left clueless! The idea is to handhold you with our partnership and take you through every step of web3, together.

About Flaq

Flaq is a community-driven DAO, free of cost, and widely accessible educational platform for ALL things web3. If you’ve ever thought to yourself - what is cryptocurrency? what are digital wallets? what are NFTs? what’s Defi? etc., and so on and so forth - we have the answers for you. Flaq offers academic and practical learning both - through interactive simulations that let web2 folks ‘Testrun web3’.

Flaq’s ‘Testrun Web3’ interactive simulations portray every on-chain action on multiple chains, thereby ensuring that every web2 user can make themselves comfortable with web3, before leaping into it.

About SuperwomenDAO

SuperwomenDAO exists because historically, opportunities have been gatekept for certain genders in society for multiple reasons, some pardonable for those eras and some circumstantial. Now that a new tech revolution (web3) lies ahead of us, the idea is to have a common starting line for everyone, irrespective of their gender, demography, or status. That’s why SW exists.It is a 6 month old Investment DAO in the making with an engaged community of 2500+ members (women in web3) across India, SEA and MENA.

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