Flaq x TPH

January 6th, 2023

Flaq x TPH

At Flaq, we are dedicated to providing interactive and engaging learning experiences to help people better understand the complex world of web3. That's why we are excited to announce our partnership with The Product House to bring web3 awareness and education to the masses.

What does the partnership look like?

TPH will be collaborating with Flaq to incorporate our interactive simulations into their web3 Academy. This will provide students with a more interactive and engaging learning experience as they explore the various applications of web3 technology. TPH and Flaq will also be working together to create a new learning track on mutually agreed upon topics.

But our partnership with TPH extends beyond just academic content. Flaq and TPH together, will also be hosting virtual sessions and events, such as AMA/Office Hours, Trivia Night, and Twitter Spaces. These events will provide students with the opportunity to ask questions and engage with experts in the field, further enriching their understanding of web3.

Flaq and TPH will also be cross-pollinating and referencing each other’s academic content across all web3 topics in order to ensure that the students get maximum access to all of the educational content available in the space.

We are also committed to helping students connect with potential employers and fellow web3 enthusiasts. That's why we will be recommending TPH's Job Board and College Chapters to college students at offline events. This will provide students with the opportunity to connect with potential employers and fellow web3 enthusiasts, helping to nurture the next generation of web3 leaders.

Overall, Flaq’s partnership with TPH is a valuable effort to bring web3 awareness and education to the masses.

About Flaq

Flaq is a community-driven DAO, free of cost, and widely accessible multilingual educational platform for ALL things web3. If you’ve ever thought to yourself - what is cryptocurrency? What are digital wallets? what are NFTs? what’s Defi? etc., and so on and so forth - we have the answers for you. Flaq offers academic and practical learning both - through interactive simulations that let web2 folks ‘Testrun web3’.

Flaq’s ‘Testrun Web3’ interactive simulations portray every on-chain action on multiple chains, thereby ensuring that every web2 user can make themselves comfortable with web3, before leaping into it.

About Flaq

The Product House, popularly known as TPH, offers a free course on “Web3 Fundamentals” which is a series of live learning masterclasses & workshops by seasoned web3 buidlers.

Its second offering of “Web3 Academy” is a compilation of handpicked foundational resources. Lastly, TPH offers a web3 job board, that provides 100+ fresh and active web3 jobs so that you can also earn from web3. They can be reached on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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